Welcome to Amazing Grace Chair Company™

A Purpose Driven Company

The Chair that Love Built™

Amazing Grace Chair Company is a purpose driven  lifestyle business with our roots in garden design and construction, where 10% of our gross sales are donated to hospice care and awareness.  

Heirloom Gift Boxes

Do you have a special event coming up where you would like to have a long term memory of the moment?  We design,build and finish unique heirloom gift boxes which can include one of our unique custom made metal plates included as part of the gift box.

Unique Custom Metal Cartouches

cartouche:  (kartoosh) an ancient egyptian form of communication using an oval or rectangular tablet with an inscription.

We design these unique metal panels wtith a another small company here in Wisconsin using a plasma cutter and special finishes which King Tut would have envied.

These metal panels are available in a variety of themes including gardening, inspirational, food and wine series.  We can also use your custom logo, date or event as a model to create a custom panel for you.